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I have been working on a Steele's Alumni page and in the process of updating it... I want to do it for a some of the players that got a chance to play in this organization. Denny Helmig and Gary Coates started the organiztion Steele's Sports Compnay....Denny's friend John Brenner joined in with the Franchise and then Dave Neale got Helmig and Brenner to bring the sporting goods company to Grafton, Ohio. Grafton was a small country town 30 miles west from Cleveland.



Cliff Carpenter - Outfield
John Brenner - Infield
Henry McBeth - 1st Base
Mike Macenko
John Geckle - Infield
John Brenner - Infield
Mike Bolen 3B,!B
Denny Helmig
Rick Trudeau
Cliff Carpenter
Tim Haley - Outfield
David Neale
Rick Hasty
Dana Andry
Rob O"Leath
Coach Okulovich
Coach Tom Pluto

1983 Steele's Sports Company Softball Team.

Rick Trudeau - Shortstop
Cliff Carpenter - Outfield
Mike Macenko - Infield
Phil Higgins- Infield,Outfield
Ricky Citino - Outfield
Steve Blanchette- Infield
Jim Bizzell - C, Outfield
Dennis Graser - Infield,Outfield
Denny Helmig- Infield, Outfield
Dave Neale - Infield
Dane Andry - Pitch
Rocky Neale - Infield,Outfield



Charles Wright
Mike Macenko
Doug Roberson
Mighty Joe Young
Dennis Graser 1B
Dan Griffin OF
Mike Bolen 3B,!B
Greg Whitlock SS
Kenny "Kong" Loeri
Rick Weiterman
Doc Booker
Henry McBeth
Greg "Bull" Furhman
Scott Virkus
Craig Elliott
Rick Hasty
Rob O"Leath
Coach Okulovich
Coach Tom Pluto
Bat Boy Boo McBeth


After the great 1990 season that the Steele's Silver Bullets had in early spring we were forced to shut the team down.. It was In 1992 when Dave Neale and Denny Helmig decided to have another softball team.. They knew it was the best way to promote softball especially with Steele's line of softball bats.

1992 - 1997 Steele's Hitmen

Joe Albert - Coach
Steve Craven - Outfield
Scott Virkus
Weelbarger - Coach
Kerry Everette - Indield
Mike Macenko - 1b-DH-C
Ernie Montgomery - Anywhere
John Meyers - Infield
KMonty Tucker - Pitch, 1b
Jason McCrae
DShawn Keene - Infiekd - SS
Jacque Millier - Infield
Ken Scobee - Infield
Boney Jeffers - Shortstop
Jim Powers - Outfield
Butch Ovens - Pitcher
Tot Powers - Infield
Randy Kortokrax - Infield
Scott Elliott - Pitch-Outfield
Danny Williams - Outfield-C
Rod Hughes - Outfield
Phil Jobe - Oufield - Pitch
Melvin Malernee - Infield
Derek Oliver - Outfield
Todd Martin - Infield-SS
Doug Burns - Pitcher
Doug Kissane-Outfield
Ed Starcher - Infield,Outfield
Silven Little - Catcher

1998 The Final Season For The Men Of Steel

Rod Hughes-Outfield
Jeff Ott - 1st Base
Robb Schleede -Outfield
Lonnie Fox-Outfield
Keith Brockman - Outfield
Jeff Ott - 1st Base





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